Chip Shop Video
Video of the chip shop
Note:  this video clip is only a part of
the original and does not show
other individuals who came and left
the chip shop prior to this
segment.  Also note, that the clock
had not yet been turned back,
therefore the time was actually one
hour earlier than indicated on the
How does it feel for the family
left behind?  Here is a litte video
Damien's sister Sarah made for
him.....we are always, all of us,
thinking about you Damien and
what could have happed, we
will not give up!!
If the video does not start you
may have to click the message
below the toolbar to allow active
x controls.
Make sure your speakers are
turned up!
Do you recognize anyone in this
picture, especially the man in a
dark coat by the window and the
very tall man who looks over the
counter?   ....
Contact us
The two men to the right side of the
video have been interviewed after
we had an anonymous tip as to the
isle of Wight.
In the video above...this is perhaps minutes before something very bad happened to Damien.  He is in the
middle of these strangers...who are they?  Who else was on the street at that time?  
Still we wait for is probablythe last we will see of our boy...
See our baby here in the middle of these men.  He is such and innocent and
trusting soul.  The Police edited this video to stop JUST AS A POLICE CAR
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