About the boy.....Son, Brother, Friend....

Damien was a funny, happy boy.  He had a super sense of
humor and made us laugh until we cried.  He was the life
and soul of he party and liked to make his friends laugh.
Arms and legs flailing.  He was not always appreciated by
his teachers, but he was not disliked at all.  He took a
keen and deep interest in music of all types.  He loved
being involved with a 'band' that he and his friends put
together.  He started to play trombone too and eventually
was in the school orchestra, although that was not a labor
of love, he kept at it and I think enjoyed being involved in
the band.  There were privileges in being involved, for
example, going into the music room at times when the
others had to be outside and the camaraderie between his
peers and the 'cool' teachers in the band room.  Damien
taught himself to play the guitar and was very good at it.  
MissingDamien Richard Nettles
missing since Nov 2, 1996 from Cowes, Isle of Wight, England
About Damien