To Damien from his
sister Sarah...

This video below is the last (surviving) video of our son.

After he left this chip shop, he was picked up on the street CCTV camera (which
the police lost).  

He walked to the bus stop and then walked back along the High Street  He he
was last seen at 12:02 a.m on November 3 - then nothing further.

14 years later, the police say they have now identified all of these men who were
army and not suspects according to the police.
Damien enters the chip shop at the 34:37
on the clock, which was not set correctly
as the hour was actually 11:37pm.  
Damien is in the center, most of the time,
and turns his back to the camera while
digging in his pockets for change
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Web Information about
around midnight on
November 2, 1996 as he
was caught on CCTV
which was lost while in
possession of the
Val Nettles Blogspot
Sarah Nettles

  • Damien had been out with friends and parted company from them at approx 10.30pm.  He
    was seen on Cowes High St by various people throughout the evening and he was in
    good spirits.

  • Damien was caught on security camera at Yorkie's Chip Shop on Cowes High Street at
    approx 11:45pm.  He was surrounded by a group of 5/6 men who, after 14 years, have
    been identified as army men who were visiting the IW that weekend.  The police do not
    feel they were involved.

  • Damien was seen on the High Street after the chip shop alone, eating chips.

  • Damien was seen at the bus stop and talked to people there.

  • Damien was caught on the High Street CCTV and disappears from sight at 12:02 a.m. on
    November 3rd.

  • Unfortunately, the Police lost this evidence therefore limiting the potential to see who else
    was on that video.

  • We reported Damien missing in the afternoon of November 3rd after exhausting all
    possible places he could have gone but unfortunately we were not taken seriously by
    police initially.  

  • We requested the police get the spotter plane up in case Damien was laying out there in
    the rain, injured.  We were refused.

  • We asked the police to get the sniffer dogs out to look for Damien.  It was also refused.

  • Damien's mothers friend was told by police that we were a bunch of hysterical women.

  • Unfortunately, the police had Damien's date of birth WRONG and said at '19' he was old
    enough to go missing......but he had just turned 16...

  • Damien's  family made posters and blanketed the Island.

  • Family and friends found out who had seen Damien and relayed this information to the
    police.  The police seemed to think Damien had gone off on a "funny five minutes" and so
    did not pursue this case immediately.

  • Damien's father, little brother and elderly grandfather went out in the rain, in the dark to try
    to find some trace of Damien because police refused.

  • Damien's family and friends organized a search party and scoured the town the following

  • Damien's family asked for Damien's case to be on Crimewatch - it was refused as it did
    not fit the criteria of a "crime".

  • Someone reported, in the first week after Damien went missing, having seen a person
    that could possibly have been Damien walking along the road.  Police told the family the
    source was unreliable and it was never followed up on - until 14 months later....

  • Damien was seen in a chip shop surrounded by men.  It was after a local documentary
    which aired in early 1997 that two men were identified through an anonymous tip (see
    video below).  They were Army.  Damien's family were given a string of promises over the
    years that the police were looking to find the other men, but - it  took 14 long years to
    establish they were actually with the first two men, identified in 1997 and were all Army....
    we cannot understand why this took 14 years.

  • Damien was last seen at 12:02 a.m. on the High Street on a CCTV camera, but never
    appeared on any of the other CCTV camera's after 12:02 a.m. on November 3, 1996.

  • New eyes on the case and it became a murder enquiry.

  • Family started to raise own reward with donations from the public.

  • Police decide to offer a UK 20K reward in October 2013.
  • The reward only lasted six months and expired.
  • Damien's mother pleaded for the reward to be extended another year or so to give people
    time to consider their actions and options - police refused.

  • September 2013 an anonymous businessman offered 10K pound reward.

  • November 2013 the case review determined the case remain open...
It is never too late to report something you heard or us find Damien? We love our son and we
miss him incredibly...we just want to know what happened to him...CAN YOU HELP?
We will continue to look for answers